Director of Bvlgari talks about models, fashion and styling

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How did Bvlgary become a world famous brand? Where a new shop is about to open?  Who is a brand new director of a luxury house and what style is going to occupy a spirit of new collection? Exclusively in Formodels! If you really feel eager to get answers for all those questions, you would better dive up reading. It is not be about getting exclusive freshest fashion news; it is about strongest emotions an elected human can feel.






Stefano Ferretti, Director of Bvlgari, Ukraine


- Being established in 1884, trying to distinguish its otherness among other yet unknown companies, Bvlgari has become one of the most widely known luxury brand now. What is the secret of that success?

- Bvlgari during the years has become famous everywhere for some exclusive qualities that make this Italian brand recognizable. In a few words: elegance, design and innovation. But actually, there is something more, a creation of Bvlgari is like a secret door for the world of emotions. This brand learnt how to transform materials and gemstones in an emotional masterpiece to wear.

- In 2004 first Bulgari Hotel & Resort were established. Why did such change of focus had place and what do you expect from this project?

- Our Hotels and Resorts match perfectly with our way to communicate our brand and philosophy. Moreover, our Hotels and Resorts will help to communicate closer with customers and understand each other. It is like a window to customer’s world.

- What this philosophy is about?

2 - B.zero1 pave diamonds creative picture - копия - I could talk for years about it! I will try to be short. BVLGARI is philosophy dedicated to the art and beauty.  Each creation is amazing and shining. The design is refined and elegant, but there is something more that  makes BVLGARI special. As I have said before, there is a particular connection with the emotions world.  I  had many feedbacks from our long term customers that said they are continuing to choose this brand because  they feel a special connection with it. Each time I propose a creation I suggest to try and to wear it. It is the  best way to know if that particular design is perfect for the customer. Our target is not to sell the most  expensive product, our goal is to find the special combination for the person entered in our boutique with the  expectation to find the right creation for him or for a person who he loves.

- What impression and expectation do you have about Ukrainian market?

- It is very good. Ukraine is a developing country, very dynamic and full of opportunities. Ukrainian people already have elegant and refined taste and they understand the core meaning of Luxury. Probably it is due to the fact that Ukrainian people really like to travel and so in a short time they have been able to be in habit with the new trends about fashion and luxury.

Diva 1 - копия- Don’t you think about our national peculiarities as a reason of consuming luxurious products?

- We sometimes might spend mindlessly last money for a thing we like. I did not notice yet this aspect. Anyway, it would not be a peculiarity of Ukrainian mentality. Money is made to be spent, of course it is important not to spend to much. In my opinion it is better to spend for something that makes us feel satisfied and special.

- What can you tell about Bvlgari CEO?

- The CEO of BVLGARI is Jean-Christophe Babin, ex CEO of TAG Heuer. Since a few years BVLGARI is part of Luis Vuitton Group. Anyway, BVLGARI family is still playing an important role on the business. Paolo and Nicola Bulgari make works connected with their long experience and knowledge of stones and jewelry.  Francesco Trapani (also nephew of the founder Sotirio Bvlgari like Paolo and Nicola) has been promoted in a higher position as top manager in Luis Vuitton group.

- Does fashion exist in jewelry?

- Of course, there is. But trends and collections do not change as fast as in the fashion world. Moreover, there is another peculiarity of jewelry: although the dominant trend is different a jewelry masterpiece remains forever because it can be connected with a lot of different fashion styles, classic and modern.

boutique 6-  Still, which tendencies should we expect?

- Style of new collection is a secret. I can say that as usual,  BVLGARI will present a very innovative and original collection.  Each collection is the result of the creativity of our Italian  designers and it takes a long time to be created, so I have to ask  you to be a little patient until the new one will be presented.  Currently we have 2 important collections to talk about: OCTO is  new Ambassador watch of BVLGARI that takes inspiration from  the OCTAGON and the classic world. The new collection about  jewelry is DIVA and it takes inspiration from the Italian style “LA  DOLCE VITA” and the ’60 years, especially from the movie  “CLEOPATRA” with Liz Taylor.

- Who is brand’s favorite model?

- Our testimonial is Carla Bruni. She is elegant, sophisticated and very communicative in terms of feelings and emotions. She is the perfect BVLGARI Ambassador. Anyway, during the years all the most elegant and charismatic stars have had BVLGARI creations: Sofia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore….  And many, many others…

- Is it possible for a new face to become face of Bvlgari? If yes, how?

- Everything is possible. To be a model of Bvlgari a person must have the main qualities represented by our brand: elegance and emotions. Elegance must be a natural quality: I mean how to move body and hands, how to watch, how to smile and speak. The other quality is even more important and difficult to describe, but using easy words: the special gift to communicate directly to the heart.


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